The Libertas Choir, conducted by Johan de Villiers, and with piano accompanist Ramon Alexander, will present a wide spectrum of choral music, ranging from a selection of a cappella motets by the Welsh composer Karl Jenkins to several newly-commissioned arrangements. The latter include a joyous Glory medley and Amanda Strydom's Ek Loop Die Pad by Melissa van der Spuy, the Pacific Express 1970's hit I Hear Music by Ramon Alexander, the contemporary hymn In Christ Alone by Gerhard Niemand, as well as a medley from District 6: The Musical by Camillo Lombard. In addition, authentic renditions of South African ethnic folk music will be performed.

The Libertas Choir is regarded as the embodiment of the “Rainbow Nation in Harmony”. Professor Johan de Villiers founded the choir in 1989, during a time in the history of South Africa when multi-racial groupings were still frowned upon. The mandate of the choir still is to foster peace, goodwill and reconciliation across racial and cultural divides through a shared passion for music. Throughout its 25-year existence, the Libertas Choir has kept its vision for transformation, and passion for excellence in musicality. The choir is richly textured, with its members from widely contrasting backgrounds, speaking a variety of languages and representing a kaleidoscope of the cultures and communities that is weaved into South African society.

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